Early LeFevre Church Connections


     This study came as a quest to ascertain what church connections our early LeFevre family maintained during those early years in America.  They had been Reformed in France, and later in Germany.  However, a son of Immigrant Isaac LeFevre was named Philip, born near Kingston, New York, March 15, 1710 and baptised a year later in the Old Dutch Reformed Church in Kingston.  We believe he married a Mary Herr, daughter of Rev. Christian Herr, a Mennonite minister, who was also an early immigrant in Lancaster County.  Did Philip and Mary Herr LeFevre go to the Mennonite Church or to the Reformed Church?

     Records of that first generation, and some of the second generation have not been found.  The conclusions reached are that most of the grandchildren presented THEIR children for infant baptism in Reformed and related churches, thus seeming to rule out the likelihood of this entire family having continued in the Mennonite faith.  Furthermore, Mary Herr was not included in her father's will, which we believe may have been because she was shunned for having left her Mennonite faith.  Proofs are very difficult to locate, so we can only surmise by what facts we can uncover almost 300 years later.

Paul Steigerwalt Lefever