9/10/1712 - LeFevres and Ferrees arrive in Pennsylvania.
1739 - Two known civil marriages: Mary LeFevre (7-004) & David Deshler, and Daniel Ferree, Jr. & Mary Carpenter
3/23/1746 - Beber Creek Church dedicated - New Holland Lutheran Archives
1749 - Catherine Ferree LeFevre died, Strasburg, PA
10/1/1751 - Isaac LeFevre died, Strasburg, PA

Baptisms (and other items of interest)

1730 Earliest Lutheran baptisms by Rev. Stoever at Beber Creek.
Lancaster County Historical Society lecture by Woerner, Vol. 9, p 179.
* 5/31/1741 Catherine Eckman, Henry & Esther Eckman Reformed
     Parents of Henry Eckman who married Esther LeFevre (8-008)
** 8/15/1756 Elizabeth LeFevre (9-002),  d/o John & Margaret LeFevre Reformed
** 12/31/1758 Catherine LeFevre (9-003), d/o John & Margaret LeFevre Reformed
5/31/1759 Catherine Eckman, d/o Henry & Esther LeFevre (8-008) Reformed
* 6/8/1760 Catherine LeFevre (9-009), d/o Peter & Catherine Reformed
* 6/8/1761 Elizabeth LeFevre (9-012), d/o Peter & Catherine Reformed
9/2/1761 Abraham LeFevre (9-004), s/o John & Margeret Reformed
2/3/1762 Elizabeth LeFevre (9-014), d/o George & Anna Barbara Slaymaker Lutheran
     Canadochly Lutheran Church, York County, PA.
* 2/26/1762 Eva Dorothy Eckman, d/o Henry & Esther LeFevre (8-008) Reformed
* 10/31/1763 John LeFevre (9-005), s/o John & Margaret Reformed
1765-1769 Rev. Hoendel & Declaration of Order, Reformed Church - OLD DUTCH
Only LeFevre-Ferree family signer - Peter Eckman, m Mary LeFevre (9-010), d/o Dr. Peter LeFevre
9/?/1766 Philip LeFevre, Gunsmith, died.  Buried Rt. 222 & Gypsy Hill (Philip Lefever Burying Ground)
* 5/28/1766 Esther Eckman, d/o Henry & Esther LeFevre Eckman (8-008) Reformed
* 2/9/1769 Henry Eckman, s/o Henry & Esther LeFevre Eckman (8-008) Reformed
* 1/31/1768 John LeFevre, (9-013), s/o Isaac & Mary Reformed
** 4/28/1770 Mary Magdalene Eckman, twin d/o Herny & Esther LeFevre Eckman (8-008) Reformed
** 4/28/1770 Elizabeth Eckman, twin d/o Henry & Esther LeFevre Eckman (8-008) Reformed
* 6/8/1772 Isaac Eckman, s/o Henry & Esther LeFevre Eckman (8-008) Reformed
* 8/10/1774 Johann Eckman, s/o Henry & Esther LeFevre Eckman (8-008) Reformed
** 11/25/1776 Jacob Eckman, s/o Henry & Esther LeFevre Eckman (8-008) Reformed
** 5/8/1768 Catherine LeFevre (9-026), d/o Adam & Elizabeth Reformed
** 9/22/1771 Elizabeth Manderbaugh, d/o Henry & Catherine LeFevre Manderbaugh (9-026) Reformed
** 6/28/1772 Henry LeFevre (9-029), s/o Adam & Elizabeth Reformed
** 5/20/1775 Philip LeFevre (9-033), s/o Adam & Elizabeth Reformed
** 2/4/1776 John LeFevre (9-032), s/o Adam & Elizabeth Reformed
** 6/15/1777 John George LeFevre (9-031), s/o Adam & Elizabeth Reformed
** 3/27/1783 Daniel LeFevre (9-036), s/o Adam & Elizabeth Reformed
** 4/2/1788 Esther LeFevre (9-037), s/o Adam & Elizabeth Reformed
1795 Zion Reformed Church, New Providence, built on Eckman land.
1805 St. Michael's Lutheran Church, Strasburg, built.

** 1756 Henry Eckman and Esther LeFevre (8-008), d/o Philip & Mary LeFevre
** 1762 Henry Christy and Elizabeth LeFevre (8-006), d/o Philip & Mary LeFevre
1764 Rudolph Haub and Eva LeFevre (8-009), d/o Philip & Mary LeFevre
** 1775 John LeFevre (8-001, s/o John & Margaret) and Margaret Henning
** 1775 Daniel (David) LeFevre (8-015, s/o Daniel & Mary) and Maria Zeller
** 1783 Peter Eckman and Maria LeFevre (9-010), d/o Peter & Catherine LeFevre
** 1791 Henry Manderbaugh and Catherine LeFevre (9-026), d/o Adam & Elizabeth Paules LeFevre
** 1792 Daniel Esbenshade and Elizabeth LeFevre (9-028), d/o Adam & Elizabeth Paules LeFevre
1882 Nathaniel Lefever (11-717) and Anne Crawford - descendent of Samuel LeFevre.



Spring Garden Hotel erected 1825 by Henry Worst, Sr.  Dr. H.M. Diller and Peter Worst built "sunny cottagaes" nearby.  Ellis & Evans, 920.

Village of Cambridge was started 1802.  Ellis & Evans, 1047.  John Miller who refused Amish ministry moved near there October 1820.

Zion Reformed Church of New Providence - wedding 7/2/1863 of Henry Worst, Jr. and Susan Fraelich of Salisbury Township.

Records of Paradise Leacock Presbyterian Church include:

Became members 1/12/1912 - Anna Virginia Esbenshade, Marion Eby Esbenshade, Isaac Ambrose Esbenshade

4/13/1919 - Lydia Esbenshade Brackbill joined, 1921 transferred to First Presbyterian Church in Lancaster.

10/10/1875 - E. Herr Esbenshade joined, also wife Mrs. Fanny.

3/25/1888 - Abraham Esbenshade joined.

9/28/1889 - Mr. George W. H. Frew joined, 3/18/93 - Mrs. Edith Anna Frew joined.

5/12/1867 - Mrs. Magdalena (Maggie) Rhoades joined; 5/30/1890 - Levi Rhoades joined by examination. 1/15/1876 John Weaver Rhoades joined., died 6/1880. 1/15/1876 - Annie Jane Rhoades (d/o Levi & Maggie Rhoades) joned by examination, transferred to First Presbyterian Church in Lancaster.


Annie Jane Rhoades (d/o Levi and Maggie Rhoades.) - b 9/28/1858, bap 12/26/1875. 

Nancy (Lefever) Weaver (10-144) - ADULT bap 1/15/1876.

Mary Ann Weaver (d/o Jonathan and Nancy Weaver) - ADULT bap 4/29/1876. She later married Jacob B. Esbenshade.  In 1880 she transferred to First Presbyterian Church in Lancaster.


6/19/1881 - Harry C. Lintner, Millersville and Annie J. Rhoades, Bird-in-Hand: Witnesses - Parents.



     It seems perfectly clear immigrant Isaac LeFevre and wife Catherine Ferree remained in the the Reformed Church after they came to Lancaster County, whether at the Old Dutch group or at Lancaster First Reformed Church, although there are no specific records yea or nay. Though there are also no specific records, the same goes for Philip the Gunsmith and wife Mary, believed to be Herr, inasmuch as several of their children and many of their grand-children were presented for infant baptism at Lancaster First Reformed Church. This includes one of Philip and Mary LeFevre's daughters, (8-004) Mary Lefever who married Nickolas Meck and in 1780 presented their daughter for infant baptism at Lancaster First Reformed. Also to be included is a daughter of Philip and Mary LeFevre's son George (8-005) who with his wife Anne Schleiermacher had their daughter Elizabeth (9-014) receive infant baptism 1762 at the Canadochly Lutheran Church, Lower Windsor Township, York County. Not to be left out, another son of Philip and Isaac LeFevre (8-003) who had married Mary Kunkle had a daughter receive infant baptism apparently at Old Dutch Church in 1768, later to become Zion Reforned Church at New Providence.

     This was especially so for Philip and Mary LeFevre's grand-children, Adam and Elizabeth Paules Lefever's children (9-026 through 9-038), and also includes children of Esther Lefever Eckman's (8-008) children. It further includes for infant baptism at Lancaster Reformed Church in 1771 for a daughter of Catherine LeFevre (9-026) who married Henry Manderbaugh, daughter named Elizabeth.

     Therefore, it seem Adam Lefever (8-007) and family remained Reformed. But there is no known church record for Philip the Innkeeper and wife Elizabeth Clack, nor for Tanner Dan LeFevre and wife Mattie Shenk, nor for Daniel Frank Lefever and either wife Sarah or Mary. It might have been supposed they might have been in the New Providence Mennonite Church, but Elvin Krantz, historian for that church has not yet come up with any record of their affiliation.

     James Irvin Lefever and his first wife, Emma Book, were probably active in the Refton Methodist Church, Emma's home church, but those old records have been lost. Later as a single man (widowed) 2/4/1906 he accepted the Lord as his Savior in a service in Covenant United Brethren Church in Lancaster. Wife Alice Steigerwalt joined with him by transfer of church membership from St. Paul's Methodist Church on 6/12/1910, shortly after their marriage. Interestingly, Charles Herr Lefever as a single man joined Covenant United Brethern Church 12/2/1906, and wife Lillie Sherman joined with him 2/3/1907 soon after their marriage.

     Aunt Ida Palma Lefever (12-559) is the only other of Daniel Frank Lefever's children whose church connection this writer could find. As a young girl of 15 she joined Lancaster First Church of God in 1883 on confession of faith (as all their older members did) , apparently after coming to Lancastar to work in a cotton mill.  She was removed due to her heath 10/28/1852.  The Rev. C. Harry Lefever (no close relative but then pastor of First Church of God,) conducted the funeral.  Ida P. was the first child born to Daniel Frank Lefever's second marriage to Mary Barbara Herr, and was a living image of her mother, and was a sister of James Irvin Lefever (12-560).

     Agnes Lefever (13-572) joined Lancaster First Church of God on confession of faith February 1915, and was dropped because of request for transfer to Lutheran Church 3/19/1940 three years after the death of her husband, Paul Landau.  Agnes was J. Irvin Lefever's daughter.  After the death of her mother 2/8/1904 she was sent to live with grandparents Lefever (11-393) who lived with their daughter, Ida Palma Lefever, who apparently took Agnes along to her church thus bringing about that church connecction.

     D. Clair Lefever (13-560) and wife Mabel transferreed to Covenant United Brethren Church 2/27/1927 from Paradise Presbyterian Church.  Church records note Clair came from Quarryville, Mabel from Leamon Place where her family were members of Paradise Presbyterian Church.  D. Clair was the oldest son of Daniel Frank, brother of James Irvin Lefever, and named for his father Daniel Frank Lefever (11-393).  They both retained membership in Covenant Church until their deaths.  Another brother of D. Clair was George R. Lefever who became a member of Covenant United brethren Church by profession of faith on 12/2/1906.

     In the published obiturary for James Irvin Lefever (12-560) in the Lancaster New Era 1926 it notes James Irvin had been a member of Covenant U. B. Church for 23 years, i.e. circa 1903 membership, during the pastorate of Rev. Bassler.  This date seems to be in error, for his first wife died 2/8/1904 and we know he remained farming for a year or so before moving to Lancaster circa 1906 and finding work as a silk loom repairer with his brother Charles H. Lefever at the then famous Stehli silk mill of Lancaster.  Further, it notes he had formerly been a member of Refton Methodist Church, which we know was the church home (from her private diary before her marriage) of Emma Book, first wife of J. Irvin Lefever.  Therefore, it seems likely he became a member of the Refton Church near the time of their marriage November 22, 1894.  The Covenant Church records show J. Irvin Lefever became a member at Covenant Church 2/4/1906 while he was single, a widower, more than 20 years before his death 1/3/1926.

     Before her marriage to J. Irvin Lefever, Alice Magdalena Steigerwalt was a member of St. Paul's Methodist Church, South Duke at Farnum Street, Lancaster, having joined 6/3/1894, along with her parents, Samuel C. Steigerwalt (who had been baptised in Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Lancaster,) and wife Alice E. Ryan Steigerwalt, and their children Sam C., Jr., and wife Louella, Herbert C. and wife Carrie Moedinger, Oliver and wife Clara, Benton and wife Sally, and single sisters Maude and Laura. There is a communion membership certificate for her dated June 20, 1894, signed by T.T. Mutchler, Pastor.  Another note is known for the three Steigerwalt sisters (Alice, Maude and Laura) sponsoring a canteloupe festival for the Eporth League of St. Paul's Methodist Church on 9/9/1897 at the Whitby Farm on East Chestnut Street (now the middle of Lancaster City,) price 10 cents!  Later the Steigerwalts transferred by letter to First Methodist Church of Lancaster where Isaac Keech Ryan, father of Mrs. Steigerwalt, directed the singing which they so enjoyed.  Alice was married to James Irvin Lefever 4/26/1910 at the Steigerwalt residence on the Philadelphia Pike in a yard wedding conducted by Joseph L. Gensemer, then pastor of St. Paul's Methodist Church.  She joined Covenant United Brethren Church 6/12/1910 continuing her membership until her death 3/20/1947.

     Myrtle Lefever, Irvin's daughter to his first wife Emma Book before her death, went to live with the grandparents Lefever and their daughter Ida P. in Lancaster.  But after Irvin and Alice Steigerwalt were married she went to live with them when they moved to the Neffsville farm.  Thus she joined Covenant United Brethren Church 10/22/1914 until she requested a letter of transfer to St. Peter's Lutheran Church in Neffsville after her marriage to Melvin G. Huber who was a member there and lived in Neffsville.

     Florence Lefever, Irvin's daughter went to live with Ella Barnett, a distant cousin.  They were members of Chestnut Level Presbyterian, so Florence grew up there and there is record that before her marriage she and Roy J. Aument, who would become her husband, had received permission of the church session to sing in the adult choir.  They and their family remained very faithful members of the Chestnut Level Presbyterian Church, and later in Quarryville Reformed Presbyterian Church.

     Charles Herr Lefever, Irvin's brother and good friend, joined Covenant Church 12/2/1906 as a single man, and his wife Lillie Sherman joined 2/3/1907 after their marriage.  Uncle Charlie was a faithful steward, soliciting regular giving from his district of church members for many years, and with brother Irvin were faithful members of the Men's Bible Class.  They had two sons, Harold who became chief electrician for world-wide Armstrong Industries in Lancaster, and a Downs Syndrome son Marvin who died in the county home because he became so strong the family could not handle him any longer.  He lived to be 39 years old.

     Lloyd S. and Paul S. Lefever grew up in Covenant Church, being very active in many Sunday School classes.  For some years Lloyd and Kathryn were Sunday School teachers and sang in the adult choir.  Later Paul started in the junior choir, and because his voice changed quite early he was invited to join the adult choir rather young, and then started singing solos and studying voice especially with a Lancaster tenor of unusual skill, Karl Aument, who had studied at Curtis Institute in Philadelphia.  It was his training that allowed Paul to win the baritone vocal solo in statewide contests in his junior and senior years of high school, 1936 and 1937.

     At Covenant U.B. Church Lloyd S. Lefever was baptised 6/9/1912, as was Paul S. Lefever on 6/8/1919. Lloyd I. Lefever was baptised 4/2/1934, and Nancy Katherine Lefever on 4/2/1944. Lloyd S. and Kathryn Lingle married 6/18/1932. Paul S. Lefever and Geraldine Shaub married at Otterbein United Brethern Church 6/16/1942.


Records from Lancaster First Reformed Church:


John Dubois b 1750 bap 4/25/1770 s/o Conrad & Elizabeth DuBois
Cornelius Ferre b 9/13/1753 bap 4/16/1754 s/o Abraham & Elizabeth Ferree
Marie Ferree b 7/12/1757 bap 6/11/1758 d/o Abraham & Elizabeth Ferree
John Ferree b 1/22/1762 bap 2/28/1762 s/o John & Elizabeth Ferree
John Ant. Manderbaugh b2/17/1760 bap 5/18/1760 s/o John & Elizabeth Manderbaugh
John Henry Manderbaugh b 5/16/1762 bap 8/29/1762 s/o John & Elizabeth Manderbaugh
Philip Jacob Manderbaugh b 3/22/1765 bap 6/16/1765 s/o John & Elizabeth Manderbaugh
Michael Meck b 1/3/? bap 1781 s/o Michael Meck
John Meck b 11/11/1785 bap 6/18/1786 s/o Philip & Catherine Meck
Catherine Meck b 11/22/1780 bap 4/22/1781 d/o Nickolas & Catherine Lefever Meck


9/22/1771 - Henry Manderbaugh, age 50. In the country.

Records from St. Michael's Lutheran Church:

Maria Elizabeth Ferree b 11/9/1813 bap 12/22/1816 d/o Daniel & Leah Ferree

Records from Zion Reformed Church of New Providence:

Confirmed - David Mooney 7/23/1871 at home.
Confirmed - Anna Mooney 7/23/1871 at home.
Confirmed - Sarah Ann Mooney 9/3/1871.

Joined - Virgie Shenk by confession 1889.
Joined - Frances Shenk by confession and baptism 6/23/1918.

New Providence Mennonite Cemetery:

     Christian Shaub, early minister of New Providence Mennonite Church was the first person buried in New Providence Mennonite Cemetery. Ellis & Evans, 1049.

     Burial memorial for Susan W(inters) Lefever 9/28/1837 - 4/22/1864, age 27 years, wife of George Martin Lefever (11-423). She bore him six children before her death. George Martin Lefever then married her younder sister, Mary Ann Winters who bore him in his second marriage seven children including Ida, married to baker Harry Lefever (12-558); Minnie, who married Charels Rush; and Ella, who married William C. Barnett. After Emma Book Lefever's death in 1904 Minnie Rush took in Elwood (13-575) as an infant age 2, and Ella Barnett took in Florence (13-574) as a youngster age 3. Grandparents Daniel Frank and Mary Lefever took Agnes (13-572) age 7 and Myrtle (13-573) age 6 while they shared the home of their daughter Ida P. Lefever who lived at 21 Church Street, not far from Orange Street.

     This burial marker is only for wife 1 Susan Winters Lefever. Apparently George Martin Lefever and second wife Mary Ann Winters were buried elsewhere.

Ellis & Evans:

1718 Conestoga Tax List:
Daniel Fierre Abraham Heer (Herr)
John Fierre Henry Beer (Bare)
Philip Fierre Benjamin Wither
Isaac LeFevre Benedict Brackbill
Hans Haure Hans Groff, Sr. and Jr.

1725 Pequea Tax List:
Abraham Hair (Herr) Isaac LeFevre
Christian Hair (Herr) Michael Shenk
Daniel Harmon Michale Bair (Bare)
Jacob Hair (Hare) Thomas Faulkner



Covenant United Bretheren (now Methodist) Church

Church Membership:
Single James Irvin Lefever (12-560) Rev. Bassler Profession 2/4/1906
Married Alice Steigerwalt Lefever Rev. Hershey Letter from St. Paul Methodist 6/12/1910
       New address:  117 Church Street, Lancaster
Single Myrtle Lefever (Huber) d/o J. Irvin Rev. Batdorf Profession 10/22/1914
       Transferred by letter to St. Peter's Lutheran Church, Neffsville 11/1/1921
Single Paul S. Lefever (13-577) Dr. O.T. Ehrhart Profession 4/13/1930
Single Charles Herr Lefever (12-563) Rev. Bassler Profession 12/2/1906
Married Lillie Sherman Lefever Rev. Bassler Letter 2/3/1907
Single George R. Lefever (13-561) Rev. Bassler Profession 12/2/1906

Harold Leroy Lefever (13-578) s/o Charles H. & Lillie Rev. Hershey 4/6/11911
Marvin Emerson Lefever (13-579) s/o Charles H. & Lillie Dr. Ehrhart 1/10/1928
Lloyd S. Lefever (13-576) s/o Irvin & Alice Dr. Batdorf 6/9/1912
Paul S. Lefever (13-577) s/o Irvin & Alice Dr. Batdorf 6/8/1919
Lloyd I. Lefever (14-535) s/o Lloyd S. & Kathryn Dr. Ehrhart 4/2/1934
Nancy Kath. Lefever (14-536) d/o Lloyd S. & Kathryn Dr. Ehrhart 4/2/1944

Lloyd S. Lefever & Kathryn May Lingle Dr. O.T. Ehrhart 6/18/1932
Paul S. Lefever & Geraldine V. Shaub Dr. O.T. Ehrhart assist 5/16/1941
At Otterbein United Brethren Church

1913 Picture - Beginners Sunday School class, Mrs. Mowery & Lloyd S. Lefever (age 2).
1925 List of Sunday School librarian assistants -- William Huss, Ralph Wissler, Lloyd S. Lefever, John Lingle.
1931 List of Adult Church Choir members Kathryn Lingle, Lloyd S. Lefever.
1931 List of Junior Choir members - Carl Y. Ehrhart, Paul S. Lefever (age 12).

Records from St. Paul's Methodist Church, Lancaster

Church Membership:

Single Carrie E. Moedinger (to be Mrs. Herbert Steigerwalt) Profession 7/27/1884
Married Herbert Steigerwalt Profession (baptised in infancy) 1/25/1885
       347 N. Mulberry, later Manheim Pike, later Keller Avenue
Single Benton Steigerwalt Profession (baptised in infancy) 1/25/1885
Married Sally Laird Steigerwalt By letter 10/9/1887
Single Benton H. Steigerwalt Profession 4/19/1903
       313 S. Ann Street.  Transferred to First Methodist 9/4/1908.
Married Samuel C. Steigerwalt (father) By letter 10/9/188?
Married Alice E. Ryan Steigerwalt (Mrs. Samuel C.) By letter 6/14/1886
       128 S. Queen Street, later RFD3 Christiana Pike
     Samuel C. was baptised at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church; membership unknown.
Married Samuel C. Steigerwalt, Jr. Profession 6/14/1886
       621 Beaver Street
Married Louella Steigerwalt (Mrs. Samuel C., Jr.) Profession 6/14/1886
Widowed Mary J. Steigerwalt Profession 11/1/1886
       40 Beaver Street
Married Oliver Steigerwalt Profession 6/3/1894
       334 W. James Street
Married Clara Steigerwalt (Mrs. Oliver) Profession and baptism 6/3/1894
Single Alice M. Steigerwalt (to be Lefever) Profession 6/3/1894
       128 S. Queen Street
Single Maude Steigerwalt Profession 6/3/1894
       128 S. Queen Street
Single Laura Kate Steigerwalt Profession and baptism 2/24/1895
       128 S. Queen Street
Married Franklin Lefever Profession 7/15/1906
       143 S. Duke, 559 S. Lime
Married Minnie Barr Lefever (Mrs. George R.) Profession 7/15/1906
Single Franklin Lefever Profession (baptised previously) 3/1/1914
Married Harry Ryan Profession
       415 N. Charlotte
Married Mary Louise Ryan (Mrs. Harry)
Single Earl Ryan - Moved to Long Island, transferred 1923 to Freeport Methodist Church.


Benton Hurlock Steigerwalt b 3/23/1890 bap 10/29/1891 Rev. Hurlock
     s/o Benton & Sally   16 New Street
Chara Elizabeth Ryan b 2/20/1904 bap 8/28/1904
     d/o Harry and Marry Louise Ryan   456 Plum Street


Herbert R. Steigerwalt and Carrie E. Moedinger 12/25/1888 Charles Roads, Minister License # 3502
James Irvin Lefever and Alice M. Steigerwalt 4/23/1910 Joseph L. Gensemer, Minister License #4188  Married at home.

     There were at least other more distantly related Lefever marriages, such as 12-577, 12-550, 12-580, 11-324, 12-551, and 11-332, plus at least six single Lefever ladies whose identity could not be finalized.

     Basically, this records church membership for all the Samuel C. Steigerwalt family, establishing them as Methodists.  Samuel C. was grandfather to Lloyd S. and Paul S. Lefever, through daughter Alice Magdaline married to Irvin Lefever.  It is known Samuel C. was baptised at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Lancaster, where his father Henry, his father Fredereick and his father Eberhart Steigerwalt were long time members.  A search of Trinity Lutheran records showed no further record of this family.  There are infant baptism records for apparent children of two of Samuel C.'s brothers, five for Michael Frederick, one for William D., and others for later Steigerwalt descendents.

Records from Trinity Lutheran Church, Lancaster


10/13/1825 Henry Steigerwalt and Maria Trissler, both Lancaster.
10/15/1861 John R. Lefever and Martha Rockafield, both Manor Twp.
11/28/1864 Abraham Rohrer and Barbara Esbenshade, E. Lampeter & Manor Twp.
12/23/1914 Abram E. Lefever and Agnes L. Binkley, Eden Twp.

Infant Baptisms:

3/28/1843 Samuel Charles Steigerwalt b 3/25/1843 S/o Henry and Maria Trissler
     Sponsor - Mother. (d 2/16/1916. O.C. File 77, May 1915)
1/18/1854 William Henry Steigerwalt b 9/27/1853 S/o Michael Frederick and Martha
     Sponsors - Grandparents, Henry & Maria Trissler Steigerwalt
1/1/1856 Edwin Charles Steigerwalt b 9/7/1855 S/o Michael Frederick and Martha
     Sponsors - Parents
6/24/1856 John Henry Steigerwalt b 6/1/1856 S/o John and Martha
     Sponsor - Margaret Fink
6/4/1856 Mary Ann Oran and Margaret Jane Oran b 4/5/1856 D's/o John and Louise
     Sponsor - Grandmother Maria Trissler Steigerwalt
1/18/1857 Elmira Steigerwalt b 2/11/1857 D/o George and Mary Jane
     Sponsor - Mrs. Lousie Oran
4/29/1858 Mary Ann Steigerwalt b 3/11/1858 D/o George and Mary jane
     Sponsor - Mary Steigerwalt
11/9/1858 Charles Trissler Steigerwalt b 6/28/1858 S/o Henry D. and Mary Ann
     Sponsor - Parents  (Obviously, grandson of Henry and Maria T.)
7/14/1859 Mary Steigerwalt b 6/30/1858 D/o John and Margaret
     Sponsor - Mary Wilhelm
1/27/1861 Henry John Steigerwalt b 2/10/1860 S/o Henry I. and Mary Ann
     Sponsor - Mother
12/29/1861 Elmer Ellsworth Steigerwalt b 9/5/1861 S/o Michael Frederick and Martha
     Sponsor - Parents
10/7/1866 Ella Steigerwalt b 9/17/1865 D/o Michael Frederick and Martha
     Sponsor - Parents
10/10/1868 George Richard Steigerwalt b 11/24/1867 S/o John and Margaret
     Sponsor - Frederica Ruppell
12/1/1869 Bertha Steigerwalt b 9/2/1868 D/o Michael Frederick and Martha
     Sponsor - Parents 
4/6/1874 Grace Elizabeth Steigerwalt b 2/8/1874 D/o William D. and Catherine Elizabeth
     Sponsor - Sarah Gensemer
4/30/1885 John Henry Steigerwalt b 4/14/1885 S/o John Henry and Ida May
     Sponsor - Mary Steigerwalt


4/22/1807 Everhart Steigerwalt, born Germany 1732.  Will Book. J, Vol 1, p 305.
1/5/1807 Susanna Steigerwalt (Mrs. Eberhart,) born 2/17/1736.
4/2/1827 Frederick Steigerwalt, born 12/18/1771.  Will Book P. Vol 1, p 216.
7/5/1853 Margaret Yost Steigerwalt (Mrs. Frederick,) born 6/17/1776.
1/24/1879 Henry Steigerwalt, born 9/30/1801.  Will Book D. Vol 2, p 118.
3/28/1873 Maria Trissler Steigerwalt (Mrs. Henry,) born 2/14/1805.

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