About This Site

     This site began construction in May 1999 after Franklin D. Lefever kindly granted permission for an online presentation of THE PENNSYLVANIA LEFEVRES, the classic history and genealogy resource published by the LeFevre Cemetery and Historical Association.

     In addition to the book, other features will be added to provide the visitor with more information about our family.  It is hoped that those already familiar with our history and those just learning will alike find material of interest and gain a greater appreciation of our LeFevre heritage.

     There is a powerful story told in these pages, a story of a French Huguenot family martyred for their faith in Jesus Christ, of a 16 year-old boy named Isaac who survived the massacre and made a daring escape from his native country leaving everything behind him except his father's Bible, of the kindness of Providence in bringing him through much hardship till he finally made a new life in Pennsylvania.  It is a story rife with lessons "for such a time as this."

     We welcome you to this site, and hope that you will find the material contained herein informative and inspiring.  This project is still in its infancy, and we invite you to check back periodically for new additions.  Thank you for visiting, and enjoy your exploration through 300+ years of LeFevre family history.

Note on the Identity Numbering Convention

     In order to uniquely identify each member of the LeFevre family recorded in the book, Compiler George Newton LeFevre assigned each person a number devised as follows:  gg-nnn, where "gg" is the number of the generation beginning with Mengen LeFevre, and "nnn" is the unique number assigned to each person within his own generation according to the order of appearance in the record. The record extends to the fourteenth generation.

     This convention is especially useful in identifying family members, and has become a standard reference used by works other than the book.  It will often be employed on this site for clarity.

Note on the Surname Spelling

     Over the years since Isaac LeFevre fled the land of his birth, there have been numerous variations in the spelling of "LeFevre." Over a half-dozen spellings are now used, some common examples of which include "Lefever," "Lafever," and "LeFebvre. This was the case even in Isaac's lifetime, as indicated by the contemporary records that remain.

     In THE PENNSYLVANIA LEFEVRES record, the names of the family members are spelled the same. Compiler George Newton LeFevre expressed strong views as to how the surname should be rendered, as we read in his Introduction.  It was his request that the genealogy record present a uniform spelling.  In completing the work and bringing it to press, Co-compiler Franklin D. Lefever respected the wishes of his predecessor, so that all names in the book are given as "LeFevre."

     As far as the other items posted in this site are concerned, whenever reference is made to any member of our family, their surname will be given as they have chosen officially to spell it. In any studies that are presented the names will be rendered exactly as written by the author. The reader may find the different spellings are used nearly interchangeably. However, where editorial comments or captions are called for we will default to the spelling "LeFevre" when referring to the family generally, or whenever there is doubt as to the official spelling.